In a culture that bases everything on how you feel and prizes individual fulfillment above all else, relationships become just another opportunity to get what you want without changing who you have been. 

If you are tired of running from the conflict of broken relationships, then Apocalyptic Embrace is for you. 

If you are ready to invest in the LOVE you want in a way you never imagined possible much less effective, then you have come to the right place.  

Apocalyptic Embrace is about LOVE as fierce as fire, as unyielding as iron, and as gentle as a soft spring rain.

  • Fierce in its determination for forge a new experience;

  • Unyielding in its practice; and

  • As gentle (respectful) in word and deed as a soft spring rain (no fawning allowed).

This experience is meant to dismantle the world of relational power struggles and construct a new world built of LOVE choice by choice.  

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  • Getting the Most Out of This Course (WHOLE)

  • Not a Cure for Unsafe or Violent Relationships (Stepping Onto the Playing Field)

  • Get Your Value Out of this Work

  • Exercise Influence in Your Relationship

  • This Is Not Real

  • Divine Faculty

  • Set Me as a Seal Upon Your Heart (Contemplation)

  • Seed a Harvest of Love in the Dry, Bitter Fields of Lovelessness, A Prophecy

  • It's a Mighty Mean and Dreadful Sorrow

  • I'll Go on Loving You

  • Self Love & The Foundations Soul Retrieval and Reconciliation

  • Is This Codependency?

  • Using Ritual to Transform Attachment Styles

  • Planting Those Seeds: Using Coherence to Transform Attachment Styles and Foster A LOVE Connection

  • Opening to New Potentials In Your Relationship

  • Summon Me!

  • Identify Trauma Coping Strategies

  • New Vision Coming Forth by Day

  • Crimson: Coming Alive in the Passion Dimension

  • The Song of Songs

  • The Afterglow of Love

  • Devotion

  • Inspiration

  • All I Need