Out of the very air comes a sense of danger, a queer, bristling feeling of uncanny danger. 

∞ D.H. Lawrence

Your mind must be of exceptional importance. Otherwise, why would everyone be working so hard to influence your ideas about this world? 

Thoughts become beliefs and beliefs become actionable realities. 

Take back your life. 

Re-wild your mind with Confronting the Perils of Paradigm Poisoning.

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  • The First Antidote: Clearing Hatred & Suspicion

  • The Second Antidote: Clearing the Fear That You Will Never Be Free

  • The Third Antidote: Clearing Fear-Based Distraction

  • The Fourth Antidote: Disentangling Fear & Love

  • The Fifth Antidote: Disentangling Money & Terror

  • The Sixth Antidote: Releasing Terror in Your Body

  • The Seventh Antidote: Releasing Terror from Your Mind

  • The Eighth Antidote: Releasing Hopelessness

  • The Ninth Antidote: Clearing Rage and Outrage In Your Body

  • The Tenth Antidote: Clearing Paradigm Poisoning and Related Toxicity

  • The Eleventh Antidote: Clearing Abusive Productivity

  • The Twelfth Antidote: Clearing False-piration.

  • The Thirteenth Antidote: Clearing Embodied Victim Consciousness

  • The Fourteenth Antidote: Preparing to Embody Passion

  • The Fifteenth Antidote: Preparing to Shift Focus

  • The Sixteenth Antidote: Clearing the Way to Embody the Pattern of PASSION

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